ATOM Festival of Science and Technology 2019 Family Science Fair @ Yang Science Centre

Family Science Fair was held in the Yang Science Centre, at Abingdon School, from 11am to 3pm on Sunday 24 March 2019.

It is organised annually for the ATOM Festival by our CEO Nitro-Jen in collaboration with Jeremy and Megan from the Abingdon Science Partnership. The idea is to bring lots of local companies and institutions under one roof to provide lab-based science activities for all the family. Whether you drop in for half an hour or stay right through, there is always plenty to excite and interest all ages at this event with hands-on science activities, demonstrations and exhibits.

Then it ends with a free LIVE science show in the Amey Theatre. This year was the ‘More Than You Can See!’ live science show by  – 15:15-16.00.

Our lab space was filled with experiments to explore the periodic table and ‘Meet the Elements’. From stacking salt water with sodium chloride to electroplating copper onto zinc and testing things that glow because of strongtium, there was plenty to be getting busy with.

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