Virtual Science Club at home

Turn your kitchen into a science lab!

Virtual sessions + box of Kit
Our 6 week courses give you access to 6 LIVE zoom meetings (not pre-recorded videos) and include all the materials for 6 sessions.

That’s over 20 experiments your child can complete in the comfort of their own home!



Every activity in our virtual science club has been developed to be fun, educational and encourages children to think like scientists.

With input from enthusiastic scientists and experienced teachers, these sessions are here to teach your child about active science exploration, logic and problem solving, teamwork, and good communication skills.

The virtual science club is suitable for primary school aged children from 6-11 years old, and we ensure that each session is tailored to the specific age group we are teaching, ensuring a fantastic learning environment for every child.

Our science club lessons are designed for approximately 12 screens in each session with a maximum class size of 15 children.

Science clubs can really support the engagement of students from those that are more able to those that find mainstream science lessons boring. These clubs allow children to explore activities that really excite and engage them, through good practical work and contexts.


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​​Virtual Lessons + Kit

For £45 per course, we give you access to 6 LIVE zoom sessions AND the materials you need.

No subscription, so you can just purchase the one-off course without being tied into ongoing monthly costs.

As the kits are being assembled at the end of each half term, please note that they will be limited to a first come first serve basis. We will try to accommodate everyone but will also have a waiting list in operation.

What you’ll get:

  • A box of materials and supplies that you’ll need for the 6 week course.
  • 6 one hours, live streamed weekly lessons, with a​n experienced ​science instructor, on Zoom.
  • Weekly emails with information for each session which will provide you with a list of any other household items that may be required for the club sessions.
  • We will also highlight any potential hazards and safety precautions, so that you can take responsibility for appropriate supervisory and safety arrangements for your child.

All experiments should be done under adult supervision and you should judge whether the activities are suitable for your child. Always read labels on any household chemicals for safety precautions and wear goggles when using anything that could irritate the eyes. Don’t forget science can be messy so take care to protect clothes and surfaces!




Parent FAQs about our After School Science Clubs

When and what time is the science club?

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, after school ~4-5pm

Bright Sparks virtual science clubs feature an hour long session via Zoom and have 6 sessions in each course.

The clubs start after the end of a normal school day, allowing you and your children time to get home first. The exact time will be specified on the booking form. 

What do I need?

To take part you will need:

  • An internet connection and (free) Zoom account, with a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.
  • Once registered for the club, a box of equipment will be sent to your home address. This contains the majority of materials and ingredients you will need.
  • In addition you may need some tools or equipment that are fairly easy to find around the home. A list is provided with each session via a weekly email.
  • A supervising adult. As all children are different and Bright Sparks Science cannot be present in your home, it is therefore the responsibility of the parents / carers / responsible adult, to ensure appropriate supervision and safe practice during virtual/online science sessions.
Who is it suitable for?

Online science sessions are currently offered in three age groups, though the age is intended as a guide as every child is different.

  • 6-7 year olds : Year 2’s and 3’s
  • 7-8 year olds: Year 3’s and 4’s
  • 8-11 year olds: Year 4’s, 5’s and 6’s.
Age is intended as a guide, and some flexibility will be allowed. if you would like to discuss suitability please contact us.
Small group sizes (max. ~15), continuous interaction and a student-led approach enable these sessions to be sufficiently differentiated for all students to be able to access and learn at a level that suits them.
How do I register my child?

The virtual club is bookable on a termly basis, £45 per child, for 6 sessions.
Price is for one student for one course.

All our registrations are handled by Active Network.

To register and pay for your child/children to attend the virtual science club please follow this link: Virtual science club term 2

Upon booking you will receive an email from “Active Network” with your receipt, (please check your junk / spam folder), confirmation of your booking and meeting invitation details.

Please be aware we will need acurate information to help you children get the most out of the course and a postal address to send the box of kit to.

Bright Sparks Science will highlight any potential hazards and recommended safe practice in the equipment list provided upon booking. Bright Sparks Science cannot take any responsibility for injury, death or damage during Online science sessions. By booking you are agreeing to take responsibility for health and safety practices during sessions.

How does it work?

Simply register your child to attend a virtual science club and we’ll post the kit to your home address. Once you’ve received the kit you’ll be ready to start on your chosen day for the virtual school club.

You’ll need internet access and a device to join the zoom meeting, where Nitro-Jen will kick start the session with some fun facts and demonstrations – and she’ll provide full instructions on how to complete experiments, make science toys and use the equipment provided in the box.

Your child can then choose to engage fully or observe, it’s up to you: children can switch microphones / cameras on and off, ask and answer questions, or observe only.

What do they learn?
Our lessons support the National Curriculum (and beyond) in a fun and interactive way. We love STEM education which is a great way of teaching important subjects like they were one. All our lessons are topic-based, with a focus on interdisciplinary learning.
Your little scientists will learn a variety of scientific topics. Each online science session is based on a different topic, with Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Technology or Engineering incorporated at every opportunity.
Any one session may contain elements of several science subjects. Learning is linked to, but not restricted to, the National Curriculum, so however your student is learning you can be confident that they’ll be inspired and making progress.

Activities and experiments to join in with at home include:

  • Live science demonstrations
  • Short, interactive explanations
  • Interactive questions and discussion opportunities
  • And of course, students will learn by doing, predicting, interacting, questioning, experiencing, thinking and problem-solving.
Who runs the science club?

Your virtual science instructor and online tutor is Nitro-Jen, aka  Jenny Turner BSc PhD.

Jen has a BSc(Hons) in Biomedical Science, PhD in Microbiology/ Immunology and a total of over ten years experience teaching science to primary age students (5-11 year olds); both engaging students in science subjects and providing private tuition (KS3 & GCSE) face to face.

Is the science club safe?

Yes, absolutely! All of our experiments have been performed without incident at physical science clubs in schools, and we take your child’s safety extremely seriously.

Whilst children should be able to complete the activities with Nitro-Jen’s virtual help, they will need adult supervision to make sure they are being safe, as we are not physically in the room with them!

So please have a willing adult helper nearby – you might even learn something new too!

All hazardous activities are demonstrated by Nitro-Jen so that students can join in the excitement from the safety of home. Activities for students may involve the use of potentially mildly hazardous household items such as scissors, microwave or kitchen chemicals such as vinegar. The equipment list provided for each session via an email which will highlight any potential hazards and safety precautions, so that you can take responsibility for appropriate supervisory and safety arrangements for your child.