After School Science Clubs in your school

Our After School Science Clubs are crammed full of exciting science experiments that introduce children to a wide range of science topics, from chemistry, physics, and biology to engineering, geology, astronomy, scientific history and much more!

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Would you like to run a Science Club?

Each of our after-school science clubs are taught by one of our enthusiastic, fully trained and DBS checked scientists, who can ensure an educational, interactive science experience for each and every child.

These lessons teach your child about active science exploration, logic and problem solving, teamwork, and good communication skills.

The science club is suitable for primary school aged children from 5-11 years old, and we ensure that each session is tailored to the specific age group we are teaching, ensuring a fantastic learning environment for every child.

Our science lessons are designed for approximately 20 children in each session with a minimum class size of 15.

Science clubs can really support the engagement of students from those that are more able to those that find mainstream science lesson boring. These clubs allow children to explore activities that really excite and engage them, through good practical work and contexts.


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SCIENCE After School Club

Parent FAQs about our After School Science Clubs

How long is the science club?

Bright Sparks after-school science clubs take 1 hour and have 6 sessions in each course.

When will the science club start?

The clubs usually start 5 minutes after the end of a normal school day, allowing children to get to the correct classroom. The exact time will be specified on the registration letter.

What day will the club run?

Every school has individual requirements and schedules, so our science club fits around any other extracurricular activities. The registration letter will specify each day throughout the course.

How do I register my child?

Registration is easy. Fill out the form on the bright sparks registration letter, then hand it to the school, along with any required payment, and your child will be registered.

Walk-in enrolments are accepted but only if you call our office prior to the start of the club, as we need to update the school.

Please also include any medical information that could be of importance to us whilst your child is in our care.

Can I register my child online?

In most cases there will be an opportunity to register online but this depends on each individual school.

Details will be specified on the registration letter.

Is the science club safe?

Yes, absolutely! All of our experiments have been performed without incident, and we take your child’s safety extremely seriously.

We are also fully insured just in case.

Who runs the science club?

Our Bright Spark Scientists run the courses with each coming from a range of backgrounds including teachers and scientists, through to actors and drama students.

What if I need to cancel my child's place?

You can cancel your child’s place 7 days prior to the first day of each club.