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Blow Me Away!

The air we breathe is all around us, but what is it made of?

Find out what gases are, why a balloon pops, how to use air to launch a rocket and get blown away with smoke rings!


Gravity and Friction

Gravity is an amazing force that we couldn’t live without. It keeps us fixed on the Earth and gives us the atmosphere in which we live.

Watch as we defy gravity, making things levitate, and use our ride on hover board to break the friction barrier!


Chemical Clues

What is a chemical reaction? How do you know a chemical reaction has occurred?

Discover the answers to these questions by looking for the clues left behind by exciting chemical reactions.


Come Fly With Me!

Air pressure changes all the time yet always wants to be the same, but how much does air pressure influence our everyday lives?

Join us on an awesome air adventure where you can find out if you can win a tug of war against air, and compete in the Bernoulli challenge.


Sublime Science

Water is incredible. It can be liquid, solid ice or even evaporate into gas vapour, but dry ice is even more impressive!

Keep your eyes peeled as this extraordinary solid sublimates into a gas, bypassing its liquid state, and join us whilst we create bubbling potions, spooky special effects, exploring the intriguing nature of dry ice.


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