Full STEAM Ahead – Harwell Science Campus Family Fun Day 2019

Saturday 8th June 2019 – Our 5th annual Family Fun Day on the Harwell Campus. Can you believe Bluestream Recruitment & Bright Sparks teamed up to create this event over 5 years ago?

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone that came along to the fun day on and to all our sponsors and supporters who helped to make Full STEAM Ahead 2019 possible. Thanks also to everyone’s understanding on the day. Unfortunately, due to strong winds, we lost our four largest marquees which meant our STEAM activities all having to share space. Also sadly, to keep the site safe, it was not possible to inflate all the inflatable entertainment.

We hope that despite the wind everyone had a great afternoon! You can find lots of photos from the fun day on the Facebook page, @FullSTEAMAheadfamilyfunday.

Please keep checking this website and the Fun Day Facebook page for news about the 2020 event!

This year’s event gave us the opportunity to refine what we do best and produce some amazing LIVEScience Shows. 12:30pm & 3:30pm – Amazing Air Come on an awesome air adventure and find out how air pressure changes, if you can win a tug of war with air, making things levitate and explore how planes fly. 1:30pm & 4:30pm – Science of Magic Discover the science behind magic with exciting chemistry tricks and physics demonstrations. Is it really magic or is it science?; 2:30pm – Meet the Elements Explore flammable gases and sparking metals, and discover which elements are the most common in the universe and the most abundant in our bodies.

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