Welcome to NitroJen’s  ONLINE SCIENCE CLUB, where we investigate, discover and entertain!

Join me, NitroJen, for an interactive exploration of my most favourite Science Experiments, in my brand new online science club for children and their families to enjoy at home. With science lessons linked to the National Curriculum, they’re perfect for home education.

“I can’t wait to share my passion and get more families interested in the amazing world of science!”

Featuring me, in an online video format, with content released every week and new activities for you to try at home.

Packed full of ‘do it yourself’ downloadable templates, activities and experiments. Each week’s session has a 20-30 minute long video with themed activities to follow which can easily fill an hour of your day.

You can submit questions and feedback at any time by leaving them as comments under the YouTube videos, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

What do you need to join?​

  • Internet access and a device to watch the videos
  • A printer for downloadable templates
  • Some basic materials- paper, scissors, straws, cups, water, thin card, colouring pencils etc. A full kit-list is included at the start of every video, but I have tried to keep it to things you are likely to have around the house.
  • Some of the activities will need adult supervision, so have a willing adult helper nearby – they might even learn something new too!

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Thanks for watching. I very much hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them.

all new online science club resources

Designed to link to the National School Science Curriculum, but delivered with fun at it’s heart. These activities are sure to make your home learning exciting, engaging and hands-on! 

Online science club topics

Just choose the topic you’d like to explore and let your adventure with our online science club begin! If you need to print any templates, please click on the links in each topic to download the printables.


Fantastic Magnets

Discover Magnetism and the invisible forces that can repel and attract one another. Includes instructions to make your own floating compass and magnetic fishing game!

DOWNLOAD – Fish Template

Static Electricity

Investigate the forces that can lead to a static shock and how we can make our hair stand on end! Featuring a Wimshurst machine, Van de Graaff generator and fun fly stick and easy static experiments you can do at home.

DOWNLOAD – Butterfly template

Electric Circuits

Gain an understanding of electricity through hands-on activities! Make a simple electrical circuit, investigate insulators and conductors and discover how fruit can sing!

Rainbow Light

Investigate how white light can be broken up into all the colours of the rainbow, explore laser light, see how UV light can make things glow and what makes the best shadows.

DOWNLOAD – Sundial Clockface template

Colourful Chemistry

Take a look at primary colour mixing to produce secondary colours, how milk and soap can help to mix colours, what pigments make up black ink, discover the spinning Newton’s wheel, experiment with red cabbage juice indicators and make your own torch light picture.

DOWNLOAD – magic torch picture template

DOWNLOAD – Spinning Disc template

The World Of Water

Water might seem boring, but it has some amazing properties. Discover H2O with surface tension experiments and explore the science behind why water droplets stick together.

DOWNLOAD – Blooming Paper Flower Template

Magnificent Mixtures

Discover how to make mixtures of substances and create solutions whilst you make crystals and a density stacker. Investigate how gases can dissolve with dancing raisins and find out what substances can’t mix with hydrophobic art and much more.


Explore bouncing, square and GIANT bubbles as we reveal our top secret bubble recipe!

Follow the instructions to build your own cubic bubble wand and find out how you can touch a bubble without popping it.


Eggsperimental Science

Discover how strong an eggs can be, dissolve egg shells to produce a naked egg and ghost egg and more eggsperiments!

DOWNLOAD – Eggceptional science worksheet

DOWNLOAD – Oviparous Animals worksheet

Air Pressure

Investigate Air Pressure with shrinking marshmallows, vacuums, floating candles, hovering balls, upside-down water and even make a Cartesian diver toy.

The Bernoulli Effect

Discover the science behind flying toilet roll, how to inflate a 7 foot long mega balloon in one breath, craft 3 type of flying shapes and learn more about Mr Bernoulli

The Science of Flight

Explore how aeroplanes, helicopters, birds and rockets can fly. With activities you can explore and make at home.

Paper rocket template

Paper airplane templates: 

Dragonfly   Delta   Condor   Dart    Arrow

An Introduction to Infinite Flippers - Paper craft

Based on a piece of advertising I found many years ago, I use this concept to communicate simple science messages  and I’ve developed many more versions. Here I share this with you all so you can design your own and help spread your science message using this tool.

Infinity Flipper verson#1

This is a resource I’ve developed to help engage the public with science. I’m sharing it with you here and hopefully it’ll be useful to those of you in the scicomm community  who want to do something similar. here’s the template to download and edit

Infinite flipper version #2

This is the new and improved version, because you now have 4 square sides that you can display your message rather than mixed images on side B and the cross shape on side C. Here’s the template to design your own

Don’t Forget to share your experiments and DIY makes with us!

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After School Clubs

Our After school science clubs are crammed with exciting science experiments and interactive equipment that teaches children scientific basics as well as interesting, exciting, and occasionally messy experiments, in a fun, hands-on environment.

These interactive clubs spark science into life for all primary school aged children from Reception to Year 6 and are taught by enthusiastic, highly skilled and DBS checked instructors.

We make sure to include basic science facts in all our lessons,

Our School Science Workshops

Our science workshops are a great way to teach the curriculum and inspire children without having to plan an expensive and awkward day trip.

The science workshops are tailored for different age groups, abilities, and scientific topics, and can be specifically designed by our scientist to supplement your current lesson plans.

The scientific topics we cover include light and colours, forces and friction, air pressure, electricity, and much more.

Science Parties

Our science parties are a unique, entertaining, and fun idea for your child’s birthday, as well as being educational!

Our parties include lots of experiments covering a wide range of scientific topics, with each child getting a chance to make their own slimy goo, fizzy sherbet, or stretchy putty.

All of our science party packages are amazing fun, hands-on, interactive, and have received fantastic feedback from our Oxfordshire and Berkshire customers. Children really love to see science up close and many have said it’s the best party they have ever been to!